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Traffic cops issue 46 fines for Move Over Law violations

Kings District RCMP report a motorcyclist from Coldbrook died as a result of an Aug. 27 collision in Auburn.
Kings District RCMP - file photo

ANNAPOLIS VALLEY – Fourty-six motorists were in for a rude awakening when they were found to be in violation of the Move Over Law Nov. 9.

“The Move Over Law was enforced with the use of a LASER device to measure speed, and (with) police officers monitoring and documenting lane use of drivers,” a press release from the Nova Scotia RCMP reads.

“Fifty-eight vehicles were checked for compliance with this law. Forty-six summary offence tickets were issued by police to drivers who either did not slow down to 60 km/hr, or did not change lanes when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing, when it was safe to do so.”

RCMP Traffic Services members from the Annapolis Valley, South Shore and western Nova Scotia teamed up with Nova Scotia Vehicle Compliance Officers as part of a road safety campaign that also resulted in three speeding tickets, twelve warnings and some defect notices.

Vehicle compliance officers inspected 14 heavy commercial vehicles, including 13 tractor-trailer trucks, near the West Brooklyn Road overpass in Avonport on the same day.

The vehicles, pulled over on the westbound gravel shoulder of Highway 101, passed the inspection.

“Compliance of the laws with these vehicle was very good. Nova Scotia RCMP and Nova Scotia Vehicle Compliance would like to remind drivers to ensure they drive safely and ensure their vehicle is in good working order before heading out on the road,” said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke in a prepared statement.

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