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Windsor council, staff to reach out to Hockey Heritage Arena stakeholders

<p lang="en-US">The newly sworn in Windsor town council pose for a photo following the ceremony on Oct. 25, 2016. Pictured are, from left, Laurie Murley, John Bregante, Mayor Anna Allen, Shelley Bibby, and Jim Ivey.</p>
Windsor Town Council has voted to talk to potential stakeholders on the proposed Hockey Heritage Arena project.

WINDSOR, N.S. — Windsor town council met in private for more than two hours Jan. 18 during a special session of council before passing a motion regarding the proposed hockey heritage arena.

The CAO, mayor and 'appropriate staff' have been directed to speak with the interested parties that submitted arena project proposals on the various options with respect to a proposed hockey heritage centre.

Mayor Anna Allen said the consultation with stakeholders will give council an idea of where everyone is sitting at this point in time.

“The next steps are exactly what the motion said, to meet with all of the proponents who have been involved with this hockey heritage centre proposal from the get-go,” Allen said following the meeting.

“We need to talk to a lot of people; we want to look at all of the options available to us,” she continued.

“Have things changed? Are they still game? Who’s still in and is money still available? Things like that.”

Allen said they would also keep in regular contact with the Municipality of West Hants, despite the failed sub-committee plan.

The two municipal units have scheduled a joint council meeting on Jan. 25, 2018.

When asked why the discussion had to be held in camera, meaning members of the public were unable to listen to council's discussions, Allen said issues of land acquisition, negotiations and other legal matters may have been discussed.

“I’m a little more hopeful now that we can get this done to meet our timeframe,” Allen said.




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