Nikki Haley slams Trump for trying to torpedo border deal

She joins the chorus of calls Congress Agreement on border security should be reached soon. Notably absent from the people lawmakers are demanding a deal with: Trump. He has been vocal about urging GOP lawmakers not to pass the border bill until every box on the Republican wish list is checked.

“Please blame me because they're going to pass a very bad bill. I don't have a bill that's worse than a bad bill,” Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Delaying the deal in an election year allows Trump to continue to blame President Joe Biden, his opponent in the 2024 general election, for the current border crisis and defend one of his key campaign talking points.

“The truth is, if Joe Biden really wants to secure the border, he doesn't really need a bill,” Trump said Saturday.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been going back and forth on the deal since at least October, when Biden initially proposed an emergency funding package to support Ukraine and Israel and strengthen the US southern border.

Since then, the package has stalled as the border has become a primary sticking point.

Congress members assured that progress has been made in reaching a resolution. For example, on Sunday Sen. Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, reiterated that the text of the agreement could be completed within the next few weeks. But Biden and other officials have repeatedly pressed lawmakers to move their negotiations quickly.

The situation at the border has made it a key voting issue in the 2024 presidential election, where Biden has polled poorly.

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Meanwhile, the crisis at the border has worsened with record numbers of migrants A dangerous trek The influx into the United States has overwhelmed cities across the country, which say they lack adequate infrastructure to provide basic needs for incoming immigrants.

House Republicans are trying to fire Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the border crisis, which they say is a dereliction of duty. On Sunday, they released their formal charges, the next step in their impeachment bid.

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