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Avon United thankful for paper’s coverage, eager for bright new future


Thanks to the Hants Journal for the editorial and coverage of the gratitude service held at Juniper Grove United Church in Falmouth in early May. We certainly appreciated it. We thought your readers might be interested in an update.

As you stated in the editorial, a new name was to be chosen for the newly amalgamated congregation of Juniper Grove United and St. James United (in Hantsport). Avon United was chosen, out of five possible options, at a congregational meeting in late May. On Sunday, June 8, St. James United and Juniper Grove United “officially” amalgamated as Avon United Church, Hantsport Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada. There was much singing, joy, candle lighting and spirit, and of course a potluck meal afterwards.

A new sign with the new name was dedicated on Sunday, June 29, on the church lawn of Avon United, 17 Prince St., in Hantsport. 

As the interim minister for three and a half years for both these congregations and now Avon United, I am proud and humbled to have witnessed people’s faith, commitment, vision and energy that led to this new beginning.

On June 30, I took my leave of this congregation. They now search for their next minister who will walk with them as they grow into this new identity. While I will miss them, I am filled with deep gratitude for the people of Avon United and the wider communities for their trust in me and for our partnership in sharing God’s loving welcome to all.

May the Avon continue to flow on.


Rev. Heather MacDougall,



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