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Hantsport byelection vote not necessarily democracy at work

LETTER — Further to the result of the Hantsport councillor byelection, it would appear that Hantsport will probably be going nowhere for the next five years.

The Hants Journal has been covering the Town of Hantsport's journey to dissolution since the first talks began.

Consequently, I have asked my fellow members of the Hants Border Militia to stand down as it also appears that the threat of annexation by Hantsport will not be happening in the near future.

It was obvious from the start that the split in the vote between the two candidates wishing to take the town forward through dissolution would affect the result, and so it was.

Some would say that it was democracy at work. I’m not too sure about that. Of the eligible voters, 28 per cent cast their vote for the winner — by the final numbers, first past the post.

A total of 36 per cent voted for dissolution, one way or the other, and 36 per cent of the eligible voters couldn’t be bothered to get off their backsides or couldn’t care less.

I may be on my own here but I think voting, at all levels, should be mandatory and there should be a last square on the ballet stating “None of the above.” But, then again, if the last square wins that might be a problem.

Failing that, give the voters an incentive to vote, by way of a tax credit perhaps?

Methinks a town referendum, asking “Dissolution: yes or no,” should have been the first step. I dunno.

Whatever happens, my brave Hants Border Militia and our parasitic community will remain ever vigilant against any proposed annexation.



David Old,

Hants Border


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