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How will amalgamation impact my taxes?

Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board ruling on Windsor–West Hants amalgamation, Sept 29, 2016. The board has moved to the next phase toward an amalgamation review process.

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The board has ordered that they will make the final decisions on required studies. The costs will be shared equally by the Town of Windsor and the Municipality of West Hants. The board will hold additional hearings after the October municipal elections.

Citizens and voters should know that protocols used by the UARB, when ruling on the Pictou amalgamation proposal, include the following approaches to protect all citizens, and the Avon Region Citizens Coalition (ARC) fully anticipates these principals will remain in force for this amalgamation effort:

-       There will be separate tax rates for (Windsor) and rural (West Hants) areas.

-       Pre-existing debt is held by the area in the municipality where it was incurred. For example, pre-existing area debt will be paid for by tax accounts where it was incurred.

-       Pre-existing reserves for each municipality will remain with those former municipalities.

-       User pay will apply. If you receive a service, you pay for it. If you do not receive a service, you do not pay for it.

The NSURB will make wise decisions to protect all citizens during their deliberations. There will be a process in place to allow us to share our concerns about taxes and consider grants from the Province of NS. We seek a unified, stronger, and more prosperous community that will draw more business and residents into our region.


Tom Calkin


Member of ARC


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