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LETTER: Cheer provincials a missed opportunity for Windsor

Once again the Town of Windsor drops the ball.

Judges looked for stunts, choreography, tosses, jumps, tumbling, and pyramid formations during the NSSAF 2015 provincial cheerleading competition.

Staging any sporting event in this town is big. Recently, Avon View High School hosted the NSSAF Provincial High School Cheerleading Championships. During the opening ceremonies the MC called for Mayor Paul Beazley to say a few words. Silence. And why? Because he wasn't there. In fact, in his absence, no one from town council was there. And why? No one knows.

Here was an opportunity for this town to welcome people from six other communities to ours. Yet our elected officials couldn't be bothered. A number of people commented on how poorly it reflected on Windsor. I would call it embarrassing.

It is unfortunate the number of issues this town faces. For years I have heard the excuses: Windsor has no money; too many people are afraid of change; the town is run by the old boys club. There’s always an excuse of some kind.

There are too many missed opportunities here: new businesses, rinks, indoor pools, shared sporting facilities. The list could go on and on.

What this area needs is change. The first change may need to be electing some officials who will truly support not only what we have here but also what we need moving forward. People who want to see progress. People who are willing to showcase whatever events we have to help Windsor get noticed and make people want to come here. This weekend was just one of those opportunities. Unfortunately it was a lost opportunity.


R. McIntyre,

Three Mile Plains


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