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LETTER: Opportunity for change in Windsor, West Hants is here

The petitions committee, an offshoot group from the Avon Region Citizens Coalition, a group of citizens advocating good governance for our region, has been working with provincial government officials regarding a process that can bring about a structural change in governance for the citizens of Windsor and West Hants.

Feel passionate about something you read or saw in the Journal? Concerned about a decision of council? Why not get it off your chest and write a letter to the editor.

Over the next few weeks, a petition to the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board will be circulated to the citizens of Windsor and West Hants advocating the amalgamation of the Town of Windsor and the District of the Municipality of West Hants. Both municipal units would be required to surrender their charters and amalgamate to form one combined municipal unit.

Why? The majority of people are fed up with local dysfunctional governments and politicians who no longer represent the best interests and wishes of their constituents.

Our present municipal governments continue to fail us in a co-operative manner on numerous issues. The major issues as of late is the maintenance and preservation of our fire protection and emergency services, and border issues between both municipalities.

Structural change in governance is badly needed and our safety and economy is affected by the present lack of co-operation between the two remaining municipal units.

The future well-being of our area can only grow from a process that results in one strong and combined voice on governance, future development and leadership for our community.

We can set a precedence by a citizen-led resolution to this problem of government dysfunctionality, with the goal of a new municipality that focuses on working together to make the Windsor-West Hants area a great place to live and prosper.

We can do better. Please participate in this unique opportunity to initiate real change.

If you are interested in making our area more progressive, sign this petition for a new leaner and efficient local government that will work for the betterment and interests of all the people in this area. The time for change is here now, and together, we can make it happen!



Stan Kochanoff,



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