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LETTER: Time to step down, let cooler heads prevail

I'll make this brief. West Hants councillors have a mandate, from their constituents, to speak on our behalf, that is true.

Feel passionate about something you read or saw in the Journal? Concerned about a decision of council? Why not get it off your chest and write a letter to the editor.

However, you have abused that mandate and you no longer listen to us, consult us, or answer emails from us. We are kept in the dark about plans for us.

I feel that you do not represent the will of these constituents, and furthermore, you don't appear to respect our right to know what is going on, in our own districts.

Can you really be that arrogant?

This fiasco with the Windsor Fire Department has totally destroyed all credibility of this council, and furthermore, your grandstanding may put my family’s lives at risk, along with many others.

We do not have faith in you anymore; there have been too many shady issues lately.

Please consider either stepping up and doing the right thing, or stepping down and letting cooler heads prevail. Step aside, and let impartial people examine our options.

Don't spend thousands and thousands of our dollars without consulting the taxpayers first.

We need transparency, and we are getting anything but.

This fiasco has become an embarrassment for our area.

The entire council is a laughing stock at present. Let's change that.

I hope that you will consider all the input you have had, and do the right thing for the people you are supposed to represent. Do not continue to disregard us, our opinions, and our wishes.


Marilyn Greenwood,



Editor’s note: This letter to the editor was also sent to the Municipality of West Hants.


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