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LETTER: Unified approach to marketing West Hants, Valley required

Now that the Christmas season is through, it’s time to get back to the real world.

Feel passionate about something you read or saw in the Journal? Concerned about a decision of council? Why not get it off your chest and write a letter to the editor.

I was interested in reading the recent HJ editorial regarding the possibilities of incorporating a unified approach to local government and I totally agreed with the editor’s sentiment.

As reported a few weeks ago, West Hants municipality recently engaged a Halifax PR company to explore and try to promote their area for tourism possibilities.

It went under the banner of ‘’Help shape the future of West Hants” and “West Hants… The Best of Everything.” 

This was typical of Nova Scotia’s insular local government wasting local taxpayers’ hard-earned money on futile fantasies.

My suggestion would be for councils representing the whole of the Annapolis Valley — from Digby to Windsor — to give their heads a collective shake and pool their meager resources and work together for the sake of the entire region instead of wasting taxpayers’ money promoting their own backyards.

It remains a crying shame that the Town of Windsor doesn’t regard itself as part of West Hants at this moment in time, but hopefully sometime in the near future the elected councillors will see the error of the myopic ways and come to their collective senses.

Before that reality finally sets in, millions of dollars will be spent and arguably wasted trying to maintain the status quo.

Windsor and its elected councillors don’t seem to appreciate the growing public trend requesting less local government.

If ever the local municipalities and the provincial government really want to reduce their financial deficits, the first requirement is obviously more amalgamations and dissolutions.

What happened in Hantsport last July 1 was a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done — much more. Towns like Windsor and Wolfville, Kentville and Berwick need to join the real, modern world and stop living in the past.

It took poor Hantsport a long time to reach that real world destination but they got there in the end, despite the kicking and screaming of their sadly misguided but vocal minority.

Regarding tourism, West Hants has little to individually offer anyone visiting this area. But, the Annapolis Valley as a collective region has huge potential and it is this potential that needs to be cultivated, nurtured and promoted.

Unfortunately, sadly at this moment in time, there doesn’t seem to be the political wherewithal or desire anywhere to make it happen.


David Old,

Hants Border


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