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LETTER: West Hants’ new way of doing business a ‘great idea’


I would like to thank the council of the Municipality of West Hants for spearheading a new way of doing business. I think it’s great that they are only paying the Windsor Fire Department based upon receipts.  And owning equipment is clearly the way to go. The idea is so good that I’m going to steal it.

From now on, I’m only going to pay my municipal taxes when I am presented with receipts showing what was purchased on my behalf. Having no children, it’s silly that I should be paying for playgrounds. And I’ll never take a Kings Transit bus, so count me out. Please take into account only my needs when you are spending my money.

Also, I’d like to draw up a contract or memorandum of understanding that will outline what assets you have purchased on my behalf.  In the event we ever part ways, I’d like to take with me what is mine.

I’m really hoping this new way of doing business catches on in West Hants. And thanks again for sharing with us your great ideas. The future of West Hants is in great hands.


Greg Miller,


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