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LETTER: West Hants not listening to constituents


The never-ending West Hants fire service debacle rages on.

I like to think of annual payments to a well-equipped and well-manned fire department as an insurance policy. For example, when I make payments on my health insurance policy I do not demand a detailed account of how my payment will be spent because I have the peace of mind knowing that if health problems arise, I am covered.

Compare this to the current arrangement between West Hants and the providers of fire protection that has been operating very successfully for 60 years.  When there is a fire in the West Hants area, a well-trained and dedicated group of men and women arrive and put the fire out. Whether a few thousand dollars were spent on new hoses or more training is the least of my concerns.

It is interesting to note that the Ivany Report addressing regional service structures states: "Development of strategy should be supported by appropriate public and stakeholder engagement.”

A recent poll of more than 600 folks in West Hants showed more than 85 per cent approval of the 60-year arrangement between the two parties.

Why are the five or six councillors who want to fix something that "ain't broke" not listening to We The People? And, why are they disregarding the well-received Ivany Report?


Ed Bain,



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