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LETTER: Windsor’s beauty diminished by abundance of dirt

Recently, while on our way to Cape Breton, our family stopped at the Windsor Visitors Bureau, which, to our dismay has moved from the beautiful location we remember down by the water.

Discarded cigarette butts can be spotted all along Gerrish Street.

After picking up a new map and some local info, we decided to walk down the street to one of your popular restaurants, the Spitfire. We noticed at the bottom of Gerrish Street a sign welcoming visitors to the beautiful town of Windsor. I wish we could agree but beautiful isn't quite the word that comes to mind.

While we saw interesting old buildings, met some very friendly people and stopped at a few downtown shops, we were left with one impression that couldn't be overlooked. Downtown Windsor's main street and sidewalks have an abundance of one thing — dirt!

There is dirt everywhere.

Have the sidewalks and roads downtown ever been cleaned? Is there no program in your town to keep sidewalks, curbs and roadways free of dirt, cigarette butts and litter? Where there is dirt there will be litter and where there is litter there will be foul odors.

Why not shovel, sweep or vacuum and then hose off all the dirt on your sidewalks and roads?

As many of our communities in New Hampshire do on a regular basis, try a sidewalk litter, dirt removal and rinse program. Follow that with a coat of new paint on your street lines and curbs and you'll be amazed how different your downtown will look.

We do like Windsor, but if you want to make a really good impression with visitors, please clean up your downtown sidewalks and roadways. Communities that are known far and wide for their cleanliness always pay attention to the small details.


Michael Wenster,

Hillsboro, New Hampshire, USA

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