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LETTER: Town council needs to address fire services issue

I guess it is time for the Town of Windsor to step up and explain to all residents of Hants County their role in the mess of the fire scandal between West Hants council and the Windsor Fire Department.

Feel passionate about something you read or saw in the Journal? Concerned about a decision of council? Why not get it off your chest and write a letter to the editor.

I have questions I think they need to answer, but first I will give you a little history lesson.

Many years ago, the Windsor Fire Department raised and borrowed the money to build the now-named Walter Stephens Building, which houses the Windsor Fire Department and Windsor town offices.

After it was paid for, the fire department turned the building over to the town for the huge amount of $1. Now, move forward to present day. The Windsor Fire Department needs to build a new station somewhere in town limits, so where do the funds come from? I will leave that for you to figure out.

Now, the questions I have for Windsor town council are as follows. Why have you not made the urgent repairs to your building that a structural engineer has said are unsafe?  You are receiving rent and lease payments for areas not used by you or the fire department. Where is that money going? Are you waiting for the fire department to build a new station so you can renovate the once-used spaces of the fire department into office spaces for rent? If the area used by the fire department is unsafe, why has the building not been condemned? Why has Windsor town council been so quiet on the fire issue when you are responsible for not doing repairs, forcing the Windsor Fire Department to look elsewhere to raise money?

Do not get me wrong, I am not blaming the Windsor Fire Department or West Hants council. I understand where both sides stand.

As a former member of the Windsor Fire Department, I am proud to say I have served alongside many men and women who have put the residents of West Hants and the Town of Windsor first and foremost. I will always look up to any volunteer firefighter around the world and say I have served with some of the best.

Bryan Morton,

Union Corner

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