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Hantsport residents encouraged to exercise right to vote this fall


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Over the years, people have come to me, or me to them, and we have talked about voting. Most folks simply said, “my vote doesn’t matter” or “it won’t change anything.”

When I questioned them, usually at their doorway, they would announce something to the affect that “politicians are all alike.”

I found this particularly funny, even now looking back to when I offered for public office in the 90s in Dartmouth. I wasn’t successful in any of those five attempts I challenged. (So, in reality, how could anyone call me a politician?)

There will be a similar happening in the Haven of Hospitality come Oct. 18 when three new candidates to the political ball field will be coming to your doorway seeking your vote.

Please afford them the courtesy of a minute of your time as they will all have a nutshell’s worth of how they propose to take us forward, or depending on how you vote, take us out.

Some will tell you that we’re on the eve of exploding financially and we simply can’t go on another minute, especially as a town. Others will expand on this and say the village route is the way to go, though none of us really and truly have the answers on that scenario despite attending a ‘what is a village anyway’ meeting last month in the Baptist Church. Surely to goodness a couple of hours in a hot church hall can’t make anyone an expert on going that route.

Then there would be one candidate who holds the belief that what we have here in the Town of Hantsport isn’t as bad as some of the doom doers would have us believe.

His name is Phil Zamora and he’s coming into this fragile situation thinking that he can make a difference. If you go to his website you will get a much better impression of just what he wants to accomplish.  Some of the points he makes are very interesting but I doubt the editor will allow me the luxury of telling you, the voter, everything he’s saying.

In conversation the other day, Zamora told me something that caught me off guard. He said even the street signs here in Heavenly Hantsport will have to be changed.

In my head I was wondering what he was on about. When I asked why, he told me the obvious answer: each of them has Town of Hantsport on them.

My first question after that shock was: who is paying for these replacement signs? He came back really fast with the answer — you, me and the taxpayers here.

That leads me to wonder about that big sign out on the highway announcing the Town of Hantsport — Haven of Hospitality. What will be the financial implications of that one?

When you go to the polling station, in this case, town hall here in Hantsport, on Saturday, Oct. 18, do a little quick math in your head and start adding up all these costs associated with this proposed and sought after devolution both immediately and in the future.

There’s going to have to be new map surveys done regarding the changing of all the unknown boundaries, for openers. Then there are the costs associated with the UARB hearings and all this implies, which could possibly tally up to at least $1 million when is all said and done.

Then, on the other hand, you have to say to yourself, do I want to give away the authority I now have here under the present form of governance and the $8 million worth of capitol assets that you and our forefathers helped amass over 119 years too?

Then you may say to yourself, geez, maybe my vote does mean something after all.

So have a look at all the candidates’ material, go to their headquarters and have a coffee with them to discuss your concerns. But if you don’t have the time right now, check out their websites as this might be more comfortable for you before you head to the polls.

Also, if you’re really busy — maybe Christmas shopping — on that Saturday you can always go to the advance polls at the town hall on Thursday, Oct. 9 and on Tuesday, Oct. 14 from noon to 8 p.m.

In the most important election in the Town of Hantsport’s history, you, the voter, have a total of 26 hours to cast that all important vote.

Don’t be too busy and/or apathetic as that day is coming fast in October.

Get out and do your Town of Hantsport proud because if you don’t exercise your privilege to do so, all you’ll have left is a nine-letter word (Hantsport) on a new map.



Cliff Williams,





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