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LETTER: Quilter shares insight on exhibition competition


I can remember when it was pretty special to get a ribbon for your entry at the Hants County Exhibition. Now, not so much.

There are maybe one third of the crafts entered now, specifically the quilts. It used to take a long time to walk around and see them all. Perhaps there should be a different category for the quilt: one for quilts that are sewn on the machine, and one for those that are totally hand-embroidered, hand quilted – in other words, handcrafted. It’s like comparing apples to oranges - no comparison.

And just a note: my husband and I had to go in to pick up my quilt, at the price of $24 at the gate after 4 p.m. I won twenty dollars, however, I only received $18. They keep 10 per cent? Go figure.




Gail Rockwell,

Mount Uniacke


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