Pope Francis has reportedly used derogatory terms against gay people

  • author, Aleem Maqbool
  • stock, BBC Religion Editor

Pope Francis is said to have used very derogatory words in an incident that could have a profound effect on his attitude towards gay people.

When asked at the Italian bishops’ conference whether homosexuals should be allowed to train as priests as long as they remain celibate, Pope Francis said they should not.

He is believed to have continued to say in Italian that the church was already too windy Frosiagin.

Although it was a closed-door meeting, the Pope’s statements were first reported to the Italian intelligence website Dagosbia.

Other Italian news outlets have confirmed the Pope’s words, citing multiple sources.

The Pope’s language in this private meeting has come as a shock, given that he has often spoken publicly of respect for homosexuals, in particular.

Progressive supporters of the pope have long argued that Pope Francis has changed the church’s approach to gay rights in Catholicism, though little has changed.

“Who am I to judge?” when asked about homosexuals during his papacy. He responded and hit the headlines.

Some began to feel that he was laying the groundwork for priestly training until homosexuals were celibate like other priests.

Not only did he shoot it down in no uncertain terms at the conference, but some news outlets report that he used profanity on more than one occasion.

Italian is not the Pope’s first language, and he has made mistakes in the past.

The Vatican has yet to comment on the matter.

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