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We reveal these truths to ourselves. In other words, you’ll be scared to pass up a laptop sale this 4th of July. (Photo: Amazon)

The 4th of July is all about spending time with family, celebrating the birth of America, and celebrating freedom. In this case, freedom from expensive computer hardware! It’s in this spirit of patriotism that we urge you to save big on a variety of laptops from all your favorite brands, from Apple to Lenovo to Samsung to Asus and more. Invest now and spend the rest of the summer with a lightning-fast new computer. Boot up and let’s get busy!

4th of July Apple Laptop Deals


This powerhouse Mac is just $800; $200 off its regular price. It comes with 256GB storage, 8GB RAM and a beautiful 13-inch Retina display.

“I love it,” A shopkeeper said. “I’ve had PCs all my life. I thought it would be hard to adjust, but I didn’t. I love how it connects to all my devices, iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook. I’m hooked!”

$800 on Amazon


If you’re looking for something with a little more power than wind, go for the Pro! It has similar specs, but better processing power for all the video and image rendering you can imagine…and some you can’t.

One user was outraged“This is an incredible laptop. The laptop is sleek and sophisticated with incredible ease of use. I was impressed with the design, and the functionality is as good as you’d expect an Apple product to be. I highly recommend this product.”

One user summed it up like this: “Dream come true.”

$1,099 on Amazon


This is the latest version of Macbook Air. It was released recently, but there’s already a Benjamin dropped in this limited-time sale.

$1,199 on Amazon

Best Laptop Deals of 4th of July


This laptop is 73% off, but don’t let its small price think it’s weak: it comes with a 2.8GHz processor, a 128GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM.

“I bought this laptop myself” This reviewer’s story began. “I don’t need anything too fancy and it has to be within my budget. This laptop is faster than I expected and it’s perfect for what I need. I have a small business and it works perfectly. It’s a great laptop for the price! For all the research I’ve done So glad I decided to buy this laptop. Definitely worth the price!” What a story, right?

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$260 on Amazon


This 4th of July, you have the indisputable right to a reliable workday computer for under $300. This beauty comes with 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a free one-year subscription to Office 365 at 77% off. God Bless America!

This consumer made a compelling case: “Lots of good features; 16″ viewable screen, HD resolution, built in 512 GB SSD with additional storage compartment for 256 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM, quad core processor and 1GB camera. The processor goes from 2 to 2.5 GB on all four cores and up to 2.9 GB on one core. Comes with Windows 11. It has a quality look and feel. Good components are used in this build for the price point. Very easy to get up and running and customizing. No problem, I would definitely buy again.”

$290 on Amazon


If you need a laptop with a big display and a tiny price tag, you can’t go wrong with this 17-inch screen. (Not to mention 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and a 2.5GHz processor behind it). This baby is 75% off its regular price.

“I was nervous about ordering a laptop that wasn’t from the ‘big names’ but I’m so glad I went for it based on the reviews! My old laptop died…I work two jobs from home so I was on a time crunch and on a budget. No computer = income from both jobs. lost,” lamented one user. “It’s perfect!… All I had to do was install the work-related software I needed and it was up and running the same day, no problems, no lag, etc… perfect!”

$300 on Amazon


With its 15.6-inch display, 8GB of RAM (expandable to a maximum of 20GB), and a 256GB SSD, it’s a great work computer for students or anyone who needs something a step beyond a Chromebook.

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“Decent laptop for every day use. Email, social media, google drive, internet browsing all fast checking with Intel processor and enough 8GB RAM. Good display, good color and sharpness. Speakers sound even better. A decent video for 75 years old if the volume is turned up. Had to ask. Nice response from the trackpad,” said a curious shopper.

$508 on Amazon

The best Chromebook sales of the 4th of July


If you’re looking for budget-friendly machines, look no further than this 11.6-inch Chromebook. It has 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, but that’s more than enough for whatever kind of load you want to put the Chromebook under.

“Chromebooks are great little computers for simple projects. I use it for writing, mostly in Google Docs, while relaxing in my hammock,” This cool customer said. “It doesn’t get hot and it’s lightweight. I can check my email, surf the web, keep it open on the counter with recipes while I cook, watch videos and easily connect my Bluetooth earbuds to listen to music — all at the same time. I love my Chromebook.”

$146 on Amazon


This bite-sized computer from HP offers 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a 4K display with long battery life.

This plain buyer said: “Very easy to use. Small but not too small. Easy steps to set up. We bought two of these Chromebooks.”

$210 on Amazon


This small laptop can easily be converted into a tablet. With 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory, it’s powerful enough for light day-to-day tasks.

“I chose it because of the features, the side ports. I really enjoy the fast startup and quick shutdown. I’ve been using Google apps for years, so nothing has changed. I also appreciate Google’s constant updates that keep me safe from all the creeps out there,” Said a satisfied shopper.

$300 on Amazon

The Flex 5i is a fantastic option for someone who can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet. It’s both! A tablet! A lap! And amazing? It comes with 128GB storage, 8GB memory and enough battery life to last all day.

“You don’t expect much from a $300 Chromebook in terms of quality, but it’s very impressive. The all-metal build is very solid, as are the hinges. The keyboard is higher quality than $1,000 laptops and the screen. And the speakers are much higher quality than I’d expect from this price range (you can hear real bass and (You can get good contrast of dark colors!) The battery lasts for eight streaming hours, and fan noise is minimal. It’s quiet enough to be unnoticeable.” Said this thorough reviewer.

$373 on Amazon

Best 4th of July Gaming Laptop Sale


Practically any gaming-grade laptop under $700 is worth it, but this one in particular is. It has an RTX 3050, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage that will keep you gaming this national birthday and beyond.

“I really like this laptop. If you’re not into 4K gaming, it’s powerful enough for any AAA titles. For the price, it’s fantastic if you’re willing to open it up and upgrade the SSD and RAM when the funds become available. . Storage runs out pretty quickly, especially with big titles.” loading, but can be easily slowed down with a high-speed external SSD,” A gamer explained.

$680 on Amazon


This laptop has an RTX 4060, one of the most advanced graphics cards you can buy. Couple that with a 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM and a 4.9GHz processor, and you’re looking at a pow-pow-powerful unit at a very reasonable price.

“When it got here I immediately installed a 2TB ssd. The laptop had several windows updates, but came in great brand new condition, no problems! It can easily run VR on Ultra settings at a comfortable 90 FPS. It gets up to 120fps. Raytracing at Hogwarts Legacy And with ultra settings. It also runs at 4k resolution. The RGB lights are fully customizable and very bright/clear. It’s a 1000/10 buy,” Infuriated a very satisfied shopper.

$1,296 on Amazon

The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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