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King's-Edgehill School rugby teams have strong showing against Gators

Heather Stanton braces for impact as she gets taken down by the Central Kings Gators May 4.
Heather Stanton braces for impact as she gets taken down by the Central Kings Gators May 4.

WINDSOR, N.S. — The King's-Edgehill School's rugby clubs are once again proving they are a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.

After the boys and girls teams won their division at the Rothesay Rugbyfest in New Brunswick at the end of April, the players have been honing their skills in hopes of making it to the championships.

“That's got to be our aim but we're only taking it one game at a time. There's no point in getting ahead of ourselves,” said David Foley, the girls' head coach.

In regular league action, the boys team is currently undefeated. The girls team has recorded three wins and one loss.

A King's-Edgehill player takes down this Central Kings Gator as she nears the goal line.

On April 25, they lost 17-10 to Horton — a team that usually gives Windsor's rugby teams a good challenge. On April 27, they eked out a 12-10 victory over cross-town rival Avon View. On May 2, they downed West Kings 30-0, and on May 4, they squashed the visiting Central Kings Gators 44-0.

The May 4 game allowed all players the chance to take the pitch, Foley said.

“It was one of those great games where we were able to get everyone some good, competitive game time out there, which was nice,” said Foley.

Although the score may appear lopsided, Foley said the Gators put up a good fight but couldn't catch a break with King's-Edgehill's defence.

Bronwyn Williams charges ahead as players with the Central Kings Gators attempt to slow her down.

“Central Kings were hard-hitting out there. They played some really good rugby,” said Foley. “Early on, they were very good in the rucks until we realized that.”

Among the stand out players for KES was Amanda Whelan, who was playing fly-half and was their kicker.

“She controlled the game, controlled the tempo and even when we made a few changes, she was the consistent one in there,” said Foley.

Whelan only started playing rugby two weeks ago.

“She came in, played really well in the position and was kicking fantastically. She scored four conversions and two penalties.”

Raissa Badibanga was a force out on the rugby pitch, scoring at least twice for KES May 4.

Other scorers during the game were Raissa Badidanga, Sabrina Corradini, Morgan Rodgers, and Téa Racozzi.

The private school’s boys’ team took the pitch afterwards and defeated Central Kings 45-7.

Bronwyn Williams helped to move the ball up the pitch throughout the May 4 game against Central Kings.


Heather Stanton tries to shake off this Central Kings player May 4.

Upcoming girls games

May 9

King's-Edgehill at Park View Education Centre

Avon View at West Kings

Northeast Kings Education Centre at Horton

A Central Kings Gators player tosses the ball to a teammate after being tackled.


May 11

West Kings at Horton



May 16

PVEC at Avon View

West Kings at Central Kings

Horton at NKEC


May 18

NKEC at Central Kings

Avon View 'B' at West Kings

King's-Edgehill at Avon View

Central Kings played hard but ultimately lost against King's-Edgehill May 4.


King's-Edgehill's Connor Redden forged ahead despite opposition from Central Kings.


As a teammate provides coverage, Robert MacDonald makes a run for it during KES' rugby bout with Central Kings May 4.


With his eyes on the goal line, Zach Klassen charges up the pitch.


Upcoming boys games

May 9

KES at Avon View

Central Kings at Horton


May 18

KES at Avon View

Luke McInnis made some strong tackles during King's-Edgehill's game against Central Kings.


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