Taylor Swift Reveals ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Vault Song Names After One Day Of Google Game Glitches

Taylor Swift fans were in for a surprise Wednesday morning after she cracked Google’s search function, which the pop sensation used to create a virtual Easter egg hunt to reveal the song titles for her new “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

Google announced on Tuesday Its search function will expand the array of 89 puzzles that fans can solve to eventually reveal the names of those new songs.

“You’ll help Swifties from around the world get out of the woods (or open a vault) as they each solve a collective 33 million puzzles,” Google said. “That’s how it works, that’s how you get vault track titles!”

Swift announced her upcoming “1989” re-recording during a concert in Los Angeles last month, and “Taylor’s Version” will include previously unreleased songs. All three of his re-recording releases included vault songs as an added bonus for fans who stream and purchase the albums.

Swift previously released a video of the letters scrambling vault tracks for “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

Some international fans first noticed the tiny blue vault population when searching for “Taylor Swift” on Saturday, anticipating what the Swifties’ vault might mean.

The puzzle began with Vault revealing a scrambled version of Swift’s upcoming album title and would reveal several puzzles as participants entered answers into the search bar.

But many fans (including this NBC News reporter) think there is one Confusion While they search for answers, there is no progress.

Some fans were frustrated that they couldn’t participate, or upset that they completed a large number of puzzles when the game didn’t work properly.

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“I feel like Taylor keeps forgetting how great she is.” Posted by a user on X, formerly known as Twitter. “33 million is a lot if you take into account that the vault doesn’t work. Google needs to implement who’s playing the game and who’s trying to search for sunglasses, and I think that’s what’s going to screw this up.”

Another one He joked“We definitely didn’t get 33m before the album came out because this stupid vault didn’t work.”

Google addressed X Errors in late posting tuesday

“Swifties, the vault is crowded! But don’t worry, there are no empty seats inside,” the company wrote. “We are in our fix-it era and will soon be out of the woods.”

A representative for Swift did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Posted by Swift The blue vault was opened on Clip Tuesday afternoon on his Instagram“When the search* is over… you can tell me if the high is worth the pain,” he captioned the video.

According to Google Trends data, searches for “Taylor Swift” spiked after the post and remained high for a few hours. Swift reached her peak Google search interest on Tuesday at 3 p.m., two hours after her post, before declining slightly.

Google appeared to have resolved the problem by Tuesday evening and fans restarted the game until 33 million puzzles were solved by Wednesday morning. A key to the vault appeared on Google’s search engine to unlock Swift’s voice memo announcing the tracks.

“Oh look, you did!” Swift said in the news. “You’ve opened the ‘1989 (Taylor’s’ version) vault and now I’m very excited to share the new vault track titles with you.”

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Titles: “Now We Don’t Talk”, “Suburban Legends”, “Don’t Go” and “Is It Over?”

A fifth title was revealed by the scrambled letters in Swift’s Instagram clip from Tuesday, which reads “Slut!” Fans think so. or “Lust!” Swift later captioned the track “Slut!” While revealing the back covers for the album.

“I can’t wait for this guy to leave, seriously,” Swift said he wrote on social media on Wednesday. “Thanks for playing along, fooling around, messing around, and making this really messy fun (which is the best fun, after all 😜).”

“1989 (Taylor’s Edition)” is scheduled for release on October 27, exactly nine years after the original’s release.

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