The biggest Canadian digital trends of 2023

As the technology around us grows and advances all the time, it would be wise to pay attention to what’s going on — or what’s going to go on — in Canada. Many trends in investments and web developments have been on the rise in the country for years, so if you’re interested in knowing what’s really going to take over in the near future, here are the top 10 trends to watch out for:

1. Cybersecurity

More and more Canadian businesses, manufacturers and retailers have been investing into stronger cybersecurity software over the past few years. These investments have continually increased, including for the years 2022 and 2023 so far.

Data breaches of all sorts have been on the rise, for both individuals and corporations, so it is fitting to see Canadian companies put more money into protecting themselves from data theft and malicious software.

Similarly, recruitment and training for cybersecurity experts has also been on the rise. This is to help keep people alert and as aware as possible of potential threats as well as how to properly wield the latest in cybersecurity software. VPNs and other precautions are on the rise and have become commonplace on the computers of Canadians.

In short, cybersecurity is a must in 2023 and beyond, and Canadians are heeding this fact.

2. Supply chain management

As much of the world felt the blow of major reductions in certain supply chains, Canada is taking additional measures to digitize their supply chain management to strengthen their connections.

Putting more of our supply chain management online means greater opportunities for strengthening relationships with investors, overseas sellers and customers.

This means acquiring supply chain management software and apps that can perform all the necessary tasks to foster and improve these relationships.

While inventory management is a huge aspect of supply chain management, it also includes the management of imports and exports, transportation, demand forecasting and warehouse shipping.

3. Online casinos and gambling

Another thing that Canadians are putting more of their money into is online gambling and online casinos, which also experienced a boost during the pandemic lockdown.

With many of the top 10 online slots in Canada offering exactly what Canadians are looking for, it’s safe to say that this is one of the biggest digital trends in the country as of 2023. With progressive jackpots and great payouts, it’s no wonder that so many people are signing up for accounts all the time. Users are playing their favorite slot games from all over the world from their phones during commutes, or from the comfort of their own home.

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Canadians have cited many reasons for the increase in online gambling, including ease of access, many low stakes options and potential bonuses offered by various casinos.

Quebec alone saw a big increase in online gambling, which reflects a big shift that the country is going through. The data makes it clear that the country is, for various reasons, going to be spending more and more time at online casinos.

4. IT management

Some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada these days are related to human resources and IT management. It’s a growing trend and part of recent digitization of the country.

Since IT management is a fairly broad category, it includes several kinds of software and methodologies that are increasing in usage over the past few years. This includes networking devices, access control systems and security measures.

The development of and investment in apps to help make IT management easier is also on the rise. To help meet the demands of growing Canadian businesses, more web developers are making apps that prioritize maintenance scheduling, issue auditing, inventory management and other in-demand skillsets.

5. AI and machine learning

One of the biggest digital trends that has taken the world by storm lately is AI, and its role in how Canada will advance their machine learning techniques will be undeniably big.

While many tools are being considered from the perspective of education, AI machine learning will play a pivotal role in the world of SEO especially. More people will be using AI to improve the quality of outlines and briefs, as evidenced by the recent AI arms race.

Machine learning can also play an important role in the continuing development of AI chatbots, which have seen a rise in Canada for marketing, customer relations, educational and therapeutic purposes.

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Canada is also undergoing a major shift toward using AI in a variety of industries with the free tool ChatGPT. This app alone is revolutionizing the way people write essays, do research and create content for their websites. This is a growing trend that will only continue with the release of the next iteration of ChatGPT.

6. Online shopping

Like much of the world, Canadians have been increasingly doing more of their spending online in the wake of COVID-19, and this is one digital trend in 2023 that is showing no signs of slowing down.

More Canadians than ever before are making purchases with online cards or accounts, particularly those aged 25 to 45. Canadians are even developing better shopping habits, such as paying more attention to reputable vendors, offers of free shipping and only using sites that have verified fraud protection.

Not only are more people shopping online, but more businesses are putting more time and money into their online ads to reflect this trend. Expect to see more ads surrounding the top search engine results.

7. Accelerated mobile pages

Related to the growth of online shopping is a growing reliance on accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). As more people read content, do their shopping and are exposed to advertisements on their smartphones, more businesses and content creators are tuning their websites and platforms to be more accessible for the smaller screen.

Many people will leave a site if it takes too long to load, which is part of what makes AMPs so valuable. With web pages perfectly optimized for smartphone screens, they can load their content almost instantly. As Canadians are spending more time using their phones to access the web, you can expect AMPs to become more common in the country.

8. Application integration

As more Canadian businesses rely on more software and more apps, application integration will only become more common and important.

Application integration is simply the process of combining various apps in use together to maximize workflows and optimize the acquisition and organization of data. It can help speed up projects as well as improve communication methods.

A large portion of Canadian businesses over the past couple of years are choosing to emphasize more application integration. Being able to use different apps from one menu will greatly increase productivity and ease of access to data.

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9. 5G adoption

5G has only recently taken hold in Canada, but many businesses are excited to make full use of it. Many people expect 5G’s usage to potentially double in 2023 for Canadians.

5G is exciting for businesses as it can allow thousands of different devices to operate in the same small vicinity with incredible speed. This will provide a massive boost to efficiency and productivity that will transform how many Canadian businesses operate at a fundamental level.

While the transition has been slow, 2023 will definitely be the year when this digital trend reinvents how data storage and data processing will be done.

10. Metaverse meetings

While VR and AR technologies and related investments have seen a bit of a hit since pandemic lockdowns have eased off, many major tech companies have plans to develop metaverse software, which will surely have an impact on how Canadians interact in the virtual world.

Intended to improve teamwork and communication flow, this advanced social network system has the potential to be a big replacement for conventional Zoom meetings. With avatars interacting in real time, it will be an innovation for people who are already working from home.

As of 2023, more Canadian firms are already beginning to adopt Metaverse meetings. It’s been a gradual rise so far, but this could be the year Canadians normalize these new virtual landscapes for work and for leisure.


Canada is undergoing the same drastic changes that the rest of the world is. Technology is moving ahead at an extremely fast rate, especially in the digital space where people are spending much of their time these days.

From social media sites to working online, digital trends are all around us and are rapidly becoming more prevalent. The advent of ChatGPT is accelerating that even further, allowing people to create original content in seconds to use as they please. There are even AI photo apps that can create art with a few clicks of a button. It’s a very interesting time to be alive for people all around the world!

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