The Northern Lights can be seen throughout Northern California

Viewer photos capture auroras from the Northern Lights throughout Northern California

The Northern Lights arrived in California late Friday and overnight.

His campaign cash for the Northern Lights was on full display across much of the nation last night. did you see it So incredible to watch. This is a visitor’s photo. This is from Charlie’s in Garden Valley. And look at this photo. This is from another visitor named Christina in Roseville. An intense geomagnetic storm produces the colorful sky you see here and check it out. Another great view from a visitor in Conrad. It is just north of the Sacramento Airport. The Space Weather Forecast Center calls it a Category Five geomagnetic storm. It is the first G5 storm since 2003. If you want to see more pictures, you can scan it

Viewer photos capture auroras from the Northern Lights throughout Northern California

The Northern Lights arrived in California late Friday and overnight.

Many parts of the country, including Northern California, were treated to colorful auroras late Friday and overnight, thanks to a severe solar storm. Here are some Northern Lights pictures from visitors and around the region.

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(Photo above from Sutter Buds.)

Colusa Aurora

Eliseo Laura sent this view of the Northern Lights from Colusa.

Sutter Buds Aurora

Courtney Cramer-Stout said her son, Dallas, is fascinated by the aurora over the Sutter Buttes.

Callfire camera captures vibrant aurora in NorCal

The camera captured the Northern Lights in Burnie, California.

Yuba City Aurora

Michael Wankmüller took this shot of the Northern Lights in Yuba City around 1:40 a.m.

Elverta Aurora

KRA 3 viewer Sean shared this photo from their backyard in Elverda.

Loomis Aurora

KCRA 3 viewer Trisha Pickerel shared this photo from Loomis.

Aurora near Sacramento International Airport

KCRA 3 viewer Conrad Saturnio shared this photo at Powerline Road and Ricoh Road, north of Sacramento International Airport.

Aurora in Garden Valley

Charlie Koder sent in this photo taken at 12:05 a.m. in Garden Valley

Sacramento County Aurora

Onlooker Larry Magnoli said Sacramento city lights were on the horizon. His film was shot west of Rio Vista and south of Dixon.

Aurora in Jackson

Visitor Deanna Ahlers sent in this photo from Jackson.

Aurora in winter

Jaden Lacy shared this photo early Saturday morning along Route 29A from Winters.

Aurora in Agambo

Elisandra Tames shared this photo from Agambo Road in Agambo.

Orangevale Aurora

Tyler Solomon shared this photo from Orangevale.

Aurora in El Dorado Hills

Rusty Bloomquist shared this photo from El Dorado Hills in the middle of the night.

Aurora in the Pollock Pines

Lauralee Green shared this photo from Pollock Pines.

Aurora in Oakdale

Stephen Tahija shared this photo from Oakdale.

Aurora at Auburn

Tom Laughter shared this photo from Auburn.

Aurora at Cameron Park

Tom Luce shared this photo from the El Dorado Hills/Cameron Park area.

Aurora at Single Springs

Bill Rea sent this photo from Upper Shingle Springs.

Aurora in Lincoln

Saida sent this photo from Lincoln.

Aurora in Truckee

Turino Fuad shared this photo from Truckee.

Aurora in the meadow

Jenny Shelley shared this photo from Cross Valley.

Aurora at Sutter Buds

Pete and Joe Sutter take on Aurora in Buds

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