Three charged in 2018 murder of rapper XXXTentacion

“Witnesses have no angels in hell’s plans,” said Pascal Achille, chief prosecutor, said in his rebuttal After concluding the arguments.

The four were planning a robbery that day when they walked into XXXTentacion at a motorcycle shop where they were hoping to buy a mask, prosecutors argued. After confirming the identity of the musician inside, the men waited for him in the parking lot and pulled up in front of his car, allowing the gunmen to attack the two men, who covered their faces. A passenger traveling with XXXTentacion fled, and a fight over the rapper’s Louis Vuitton bag, which contained $50,000, ended when Botwright shot the rapper, prosecutors said.

XXXTentacion, 20, a singer, songwriter and rapper who mixed genres and first landed on the streaming platform SoundCloud, was high on the roller coaster of viral fame when he was killed.

In the 18 months before filming, he went from a little-known, troubled teenager making music in his bedroom to the top of the Billboard charts with his anarchic breakout single, “Look at Me!” and a follow-up album, “?,” which peaked at no. Introduced in 1

At the same time, he was awaiting trial on charges of battery, false imprisonment and witness tampering as a result of the violent assault of an ex-girlfriend.

“If I’m going to die or if I’m ever going to make a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life makes at least five million children happy, or regardless of the negativity surrounding my name, they find some answers or solutions in my life, regardless of the bad things people say to me,” the rapper said in a video posted on social media before his death.

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Since his murder, XXXTentacion — whose astonishing vision has become enshrined in the iconography of modern hip-hop — has been the subject of the documentary “Look at Me” and has posthumously been featured on albums by Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Music released under his name.

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