West Hants Trail Association commits to some intense spring-cleaning before busy season

Published on June 11, 2017

West Hants Trail Association volunteers (from left) Don Aldous, Morgan Bond, Kate Bond, 14, Chris Merry, Loretta MacEachern, Janise Hearn, Kristin Rostad, Devan Archibald, Kevin bond, Sam Smith, 4, Matt Smith, Sadie Smith, 7, and Pat Savoury get ready to clean up the trail.

©Colin Chisholm

AVONDALE, N.S. – With a heavy, hot spring sun beating down, volunteers smiled broadly, shovels and tools in hand, to spruce up the Avondale Trail System.

The trail is a key recreational landmark for the community, giving residents and visitors a chance to get into the wild, without having to trudge through the bush.

Devan Archibald, president of the West Hants Trails Association said they had a lot of work ahead, but were happy to do it.

“This is to get things ready in advance of our grand opening of the trail system on June 25,” Archibald said. “We’re doing some finishing touches and sprucing it up from the winter snow cover.”

The grand opening on June 25 will include a guided hike through the trail system.

The Avondale trail system has grown since its establishment in 2011, now incorporating three separate trails into one that intersect in different areas.

Included are the Westbrook Trail, the Mosher Trail and the Tunnel Quarry Trail – each one offering unique landscapes and views including vineyards, mature Acadian forest and a historic quarry pond.

Kristin Rostad, one of the volunteers, said she uses the trail on an almost-daily basis.

“This trail brings people out into the woods that normally wouldn’t just go out there,” Rostad said. “This is really the only groomed trail in the Avondale area.”

Rostad said the trail really adds to the community’s recreation possibilities. 

A map on the West Hants Trail Association’s website that illustrates the length and access points to the Avondale Trail System.