AV VOICE: Teachers’ work-to-rule job action takes a hit on students

Published on December 20, 2016
Chelsea Mombourquette is a Grade 10 student at Avon View High School who wrote this month’s column to gain some writing experience.
Chelsea Mombourquette

WINDSOR — As you’ve probably all heard, the teachers’ work-to-rule started on Dec. 5 and is still currently ongoing.

Students can no longer come in at recess or lunch for extra help. Students are not allowed in the gymnasium unless they have a gym class there. Students cannot talk to teachers outside of class at all, whether it’s to catch up on missing work from the day before or help with personal problems. Students can’t hang out in classrooms during breaks. All school-related sports, extracurriculars, band concerts/performances, and events have been cancelled.

Even Student Services is on work-to-rule. If students have an emergency or they are crying because something happened in which it is during breaks or before or after school, they can’t see a counsellor in Student Services and if the AV youth health center worker is not there or is busy, students have no one to talk to.

Before the work-to-rule, lots of involved students said they would hate high school if they weren’t involved in anything. Well now everything they’re involved in has been shut down. So now they don’t enjoy high school because even if it was just one thing they were involved in at high school, it made high school more bearable. It could have even been the only reason they went to school. Now it’s been taken away from them, so they absolutely detest going to school or don’t go to school at all. That’s not the case for all students, but is the case for quite a few.

The work-to-rule has impacted students more than some people realize, and lots are hopeful it will stop soon, some even writing letters to Santa asking for it to be brought to an end.

Students’ January exam schedules have been posted around the school. Exams will take place from Jan. 24-27. For more information or a copy of the exams schedule, visit www.avhs.ednet.ns.ca.

Other upcoming important dates include: Dec. 21, which is a half day and the last day before the holiday break; Jan. 3 is the first day back after the holiday break; on Jan. 5, interim reports are given to students; winter wonder week takes place from Jan. 9-13 and will include in school activities; Jan. 12 is an early dismissal for students; Jan. 30 is a marking day, so no school for students; and Jan. 31 is the first day of semester 2 for students.


Chelsea Mombourquette is a Grade 10 student at Avon View High School who wrote this month’s column to gain some writing experience.