Bull moose sighting in Hants County causes afternoon commotion

DNR officials tranquilize, relocate young male moose after unwelcome farm visit

Carole Morris-Underhill editor@hantsjournal.ca
Published on September 30, 2014

ST. CROIX ~ A bull moose looking for love attracted plenty of attention today, just not the kind he was looking for.

For most Hants County residents, a moose sighting is a rare occurrence. As such, the farm property in St. Croix where this young moose chose to rest quickly became a popular spot as the day wore on.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources were called in to assess the situation. By mid-afternoon on Sept. 30, DNR, with the help of the local RCMP, cleared the scene of onlookers. DNR officials then tranquilized the resting moose and a biologist examined the animal.

The initial fear was that the moose was infected with brainworm – a deadly disease that is transmitted via white-tailed dear. It is not harmful to humans, but causes an infected animal to act unusual, with symptoms ranging from lameness and stiffness, to abnormal position of the head and neck and circling, before becoming paralyzed and dying.

Troy Bonar, a DNR conservation officer with the Windsor detachment, told the Journal the young bull moose appeared healthy but was exhausted, likely from it being rutting season. The moose had spent the better part of the morning chasing after the farmer's cows.

DNR officials opted to relocate the sedated animal to a less populated area.


In other moose-related news, the moose that was on the loose in Amherst on Monday had to be euthanized. Read all about that story here.