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Hants’ Faces Friday – Doug Benjamin

WINDSOR, N.S. – Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. Victoria Park in Windsor is now much brighter, and you can thank Doug Benjamin for helping out with that. 

This is Benjamin’s second year decorating for the holidays with the town, and he’s hoping people enjoy the added Christmas spirit.

“I like doing it, but it is a challenge, because we use little clips on the side of the lights and half the time you can’t get them over the branches, especially when they get cold. But it’s not too bad, usually there’s a few of us working on it. It’s a team effort. I like getting the town ready for Christmas, and all of the people who come up to talk to me before and afterwards. Once and a while people will stop and thank us, we had a couple stop the other day when we were doing the trees and they told us how nice it looked.”

“It makes me happy when people tell me that. I decorate at home too, at the house I don’t really care what it looks like, as long as it’s up. My son usually helps me do it and I help him put most of it up. But here, it has to look half-decent.  When I was younger, my parents used to drive me and my two sisters all around the area, Windsor and Falmouth, to look at the decorations. It’s special.” 

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