Gwyneth Paltrow trial live: Terri Sanderson bragged she was ‘famous’ after ski clash, court hears

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lawyer filed a complaint after the actress was photographed in court

Gwyneth Paltrow’s skiing collision trial reached its third day on Thursday.

The Hollywood star and Coop CEO is accused of hitting Terry Sanderson, 76, on a ski slope at Deer Valley Resort in Park City in February 2016.

Mr Sanderson said Paltrow suffered a “full-body assault” that left him with a “permanent traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish and disfigurement”. Paltrow, meanwhile, says it was Ms Sanderson who bumped into her – and she knew enough following the accident to email her daughter saying she was “famous”.

On the third day of the trial in Park City, Utah, psycho-neurologist Dr. Alina Fong attacked defense claims that Mr. Sanderson was exaggerating Ms. Paltrow’s symptoms to exploit her celebrity status and wealth.

Fong, who opened a clinic in Boston with Tom Brady, diagnosed Mr Sanderson with PCS (persistent post-concussion symptoms), which he said developed after the accident.

Experts hired by Ms. Paltrow have yet to testify, but Dr. Fang said that when they were asked about their suspicions about Mr. Sanderson’s PCS diagnosis, he was the only expert who could have made that call. Earlier, Ms Paltrow’s lawyers said during opening arguments that Mr Sanderson’s claims were “absolute BS”.

“There’s a big difference between going to someone’s chart in another state or around the world and having that patient cry in front of me,” Dr. Fang said in a deposition shown to the jury. “I think it’s very easy to criticize someone from a distance, it’s completely different when you’re in the trenches with that patient, trying to get them help.”

He added: “They have a lot of opinions, they’re not concussion experts, especially traumatic brain injury experts, and if I’m being completely honest, a lot of their opinions are easily refuted by going online and looking at them. In the CDC’s Recommendations for Physicians on How to Treat Concussions.”

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Mr Sanderson is seeking $300,000 from Paltrow, while he is seeking $1 in damages and legal fees.


Ski collision caused Terry Sanderson’s severe rapid fall, expert tells court

Neuropsychologist Dr. Sam Goldstein testified before the jury Wednesday.

Dr Goldstein said the incident caused a “severely rapid decline” in Mr Sanderson’s behavior and functioning, which did not stem from pre-existing medical problems.

“If it wasn’t for that particular accident, the life he lived (before) … would be the life he’s still living,” Dr. Goldstein said.

Both Mr Sanderson and Ms Paltrow are set to take the stand in the coming days, as are members of the actress’ family.

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ICYMI: Terry Sanderson says he can’t taste wine anymore

A retired optometrist who took actor Gwyneth Paltrow to trial in a ski crash has said he can no longer taste alcohol because of injuries sustained in the crash.

Neuro-radiology expert Dr. Windell Kippy testified Wednesday that the collision caused Terri Sanderson to “suddenly” suffer a severe decline in quality of life — leaving her unable to enjoy her past lives.

“Terry was a high-functioning, active person…meeting groups, wine tasting, skiing, volunteering,” she said.

“After the accident, he suddenly became worse and stopped doing many of the activities he wanted to do.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow testifies with her children and Brad Falchuk at Utah ski accident trial

Mr Sanderson’s lawyers said they planned to call Paltrow to the stand to testify on Friday.

The actor’s attorney, Stephen Owens, explained that members of Paltrow’s family were part of her skiing group when the incident occurred on 26 February 2016.

“She, Brad, her husband, who you’re going to hear from now, her daughter, Apple, who you’re going to hear from, Moses, who you’re going to hear from,” she said.

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ICYMI: Why is Gwyneth Paltrow on court?

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow’s day on the slopes in Park City, Utah was cut short seven years ago when she collided with another person coming down the hill and had to take a break.

He is now participating in a civil trial that began on Tuesday (March 21).

On February 26, 2016, she was climbing the mountain when another skier crashed into her from behind. She suffered minor injuries, for which the man immediately apologized. He is “shocked and upset,” he adds in his legal filing.

The IndependentMore from Gustaf Gilander:

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s defense team offers to bring ‘feast’ to bailiffs at ski collision trial

Gwyneth Paltrow’s defense team offered to “entertain” bailiffs in a Utah courtroom where she will stand trial.

Retired optometrist Dr. Terry Sanderson, 76, is suing the Hollywood star and Coop CEO after he allegedly plowed into him on the slopes of Flagstaff Mountain at Deer Valley Resort on February 26, 2016.

The Independent There is also:

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Gwyneth Paltrow Responds to Backlash Over Viral Health Routines and Diet: ‘I Eat Whole Foods’

Gwyneth Paltrow has responded to the backlash of her now-viral health routine and daily diet.

The 50-year-old took to her Instagram last week to share how she felt about the criticism during a Q&A session after her episode of Dr. Will Cole. Being good is an art podcast, where she opened up about her “intermediate fast” routine.

The Independent’Amber Reiken also has:

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Gwyneth Paltrow ski accident made Terry Sanderson ‘lose his love for life’

Day three of the civil case began with a video deposition by neuropsychologist Dr. Alina Fong.

Dr Fong said when he first met Mr Sanderson in 2017, he presented with “numerous” symptoms that indicated he had suffered a concussion.

He said: “According to Terry’s statement, these affected his life significantly. It affected his personal life and his relationships.

“It affected him on so many levels, especially for someone who used to love life … by the time he got to me it was pretty much gone.”

Dr Fong challenged the views of other medical experts working in Ms Paltrow’s defence, adding: “It has completely changed her life physically, emotionally and biologically – and she has suffered in all those domains.”

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The court adjourned for a day

Dr. Boehme’s testimony was the final act of the day in court, with the judge dismissing the jury at 7:00 PM EST. Paltrow herself and other family members can is reported Take a stand tomorrow.

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Boehme says Sanderson has a “permanent” brain injury

Dr Boehme said Mr Sanderson’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) would be considered permanent as his brain injury had lasted for more than 18 months.

Dr Boehme declined to comment on the severity of the TBI, but said he limited the amount of treatment for Mr Sanderson, but said the fact that he was still exhibiting symptoms when he was assessed six years after the collision made the long-term nature of the injuries clear.

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Boehme says Sanderson showed signs of a concussion

Dr Boehme said in his video testimony on Thursday that Mr Sanderson exhibited classic symptoms of concussion following a skiing collision and did not embellish his symptoms in any way when he was interviewed.

“It doesn’t look like that to me, no,” Dr. Boehme said.

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