Melissa McCarthy Defends Meghan Markle, Says Smart Women Threaten People

Melissa McCarthy

Leave my friend Megan…

Smart, interesting women intimidate people

Melissa McCarthyProtects her royal family…calls out the hateful trolls Meghan Markle — People feel threatened by successful women.

The actress also spoke Page Six In a new video released earlier this week on Sunday … and, she stood up for her friend — saying she's so disgusted for no reason.

McCarthy then goes on to say that she feels intelligent women are constantly being maligned because people see them as threatening… which she says is absolutely the case with MM.

Melissa says people should look at the Duchess of Sussex and other successful women.

Meghan and Melissa have been friends for years… remember, back in 2021 the two made a video together to promote Markle's mentoring project titled 40×40 — which poked fun at her royal status.

As we reported … Meghan and Prince Harry Catch a lot of flak — from the interviews they gave to the Netflix documentary they've been getting hate online and in the media. Other celebrities too — etc Rebel Wilson — have to He dismissed Megan publicly.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Remember, last year Bill Simmons The pair were trashed as “grifters” after their Spotify deal fell through — so, they take it on the chin all the time.

But it looks like Melissa McCarthy has Meg's back… so some of the H'woods are still in their corner.

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