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Brooklyn's Station 2 fire substation opens with fanfare in Garlands Crossing

GARLANDS CROSSING, N.S. — West Hants firefighters now have a new substation in which to hang their hats.

The West Hants Fire Service officially opened Brooklyn Station 2, a fire substation located in Garlands Crossing, on Nov. 25.

West Hants Warden Abraham Zebian congratulated those in attendance for their commitment to seeing this project through to completion.

“This building is a testament to what a community can do,” said Zebian, noting that West Hants' fire service was created in a matter of 63 days.

The Windsor Fire Department had traditionally covered a portion of West Hants but after years of heated contract negotiations, the department severed its ties with the municipality. Their last day of service was Oct. 23, 2015. West Hants formed its own fire service in response, with Brooklyn and Hantsport fire departments picking up the coverage area that the WFD once managed.

Due to the changeover, a temporary substation was created on Tonge Hill Road. With that lease coming due in the fall of 2017, West Hants council of the day set into action plans to build a new fire substation in Garlands Crossing on municipally-owned land.

Construction began earlier this year.

“Identify what needs to be done, get 'er done, and do it right. So we're very proud (of this development) and let's keep the proudness going,” said Zebian, who was elected to council in 2016, at the grand opening.

Some former West Hants councillors who spearheaded the project were also in attendance at the ceremony.

Brooklyn Fire Chief Andy McDade, who has been involved with West Hants' fire service since Day 1, said the new station is “state-of-the-art,” modern, and great for the region.

“Just to think that it's a reality now, it's a great morale booster. It's just amazing to come in here every morning and see the enthusiasm that the fire department has now,” said McDade.

Deputy Fire Chief Wayne Swinimer concurred, saying the new station is perfect for the volunteers.

“After what we had for the last two years and we made it work in that little building, to move into a facility like this, it feels great,” said Swinimer.

McDade said the location of the substation serves to benefit everyone when there's an emergency.

“For all the citizens, we're 30 seconds from the highway. We can go to St. Croix in four minutes; we can go to Falmouth in four minutes. It's great,” said McDade.


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