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LETTER: Electorate not surprised by council’s amalgamation rejection

On Nov. 10, West Hants council rejected the notion of working with the citizens in the municipality to move toward amalgamation.

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Council tried in vain to make their decision appear to be legitimate. They played the game of asking their legal advisor, and staff “staged questions” to make it look like they were considering amalgamation. The drama was almost too much to bear. We sat in silence because we cannot communicate at council meetings any more.

Some of the questions asked were even naïve. All statements were made to make it appear there was some logic in their decision-making. The most amusing reason for “delaying the decision for now” was the comment that the council did not know the financial impact the Hantsport dissolution would have, and that it was just too early to tell what will happen.

After all the reports, costing in the order of $500,000, to study the options and outcomes, and after council passed motions to accept Hantsport under their wing, they are now speculating that the outcome might not be favourable.

Council, you cannot suck and blow at the same time. That statement was outrageous, and if it is accurate, or if you had that opinion months ago, why did you vote to accept Hantsport? Was accepting dissolution just to increase your political empire?

In addition, you claimed that another similar review at this time would add too much to the workload. Council’s concerns about workloads and forecasting outcomes of our current state of potential financial disarray are just excuses for denying the will of the people to amalgamate West Hants and Windsor.

We have to work together now, not continue to play games with the public.  Why not call a plebiscite on the things you are doing?

Amalgamation is now the election call for the municipal elections in the fall of 2016. I am sad you yet again hid behind your words and are still playing empire games. You cannot fool the electorate forever. Your time to step down has come.

The vote for change has begun! Just count the numbers on the amalgamation petitions.

Tom Calkin,


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