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LETTER: Firefighter appalled by councillor linking WFD to Al-Qaeda

I am appalled at tonight's reference made by West Hants Coun. Randy Matheson in regards to calling the Windsor Fire Department terrorists of the likes of Al-Qaeda.

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Today is Sept. 8, 2015; a mere three days before the 14th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, where we, as a world, lost the World Trade Center in New York.

I wonder how one being could be so disrespectful and arrogant to make such a statement knowing that the group he accused myself and my brotherhood of being like – Al-Qaeda – were responsible for such terror and death. Numbers surpassed 5,000 lives taken – 343 firefighters/EMS personnel perished during these events, with many more following and adding to that count from illness caused from being at that horrific scene.

I wonder how a human can say such harsh words about an organization who has a direct link to those events, as we are firefighters. How can a man say those things about an organization who puts other people first, who risk their own lives to help strangers in need? Who, if any of the councillors needed help, we would respond professionally and promptly to, even after the hard times that we, as a fire department, have gone through.

I have personally never felt so disrespected. I feel it is only right that an elected official who makes comments such as this be removed indefinitely and I am requesting a formal apology and admittance knowing what you have said is very, very wrong.


Firefighter Andrew Steeves,





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