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LETTER: West Hants council’s conduct called into question


On Tuesday evening, June 10, I attended the monthly meeting of the West Hants Municipal Council.

It would appear to me that 1.) we have councillors at the table who do not speak or maybe they sleep during the meeting; 2.) councillors who cannot make up their minds; 3.) at least one councilor who feels he can disrespect the taxpaying citizens of West Hants; 4.) councillors who make up their own rules to suit themselves; and 5.) a warden who doesn't hear what is being said by the councillors.

This particular meeting, as many in the past, was a blatant display of ‘we don't care what our citizens want, we will do what we want.’

Following the meeting, I asked the question: “Does the council have a Code of Conduct?” and was informed they do. However, when Coun. Randy Matheson referred to the concerned citizens who attended the meeting as the peanut gallery, not one of the councillors or warden chose to speak up. Yes, after the meeting Coun. Matheson apologized, with the comment that after all he was being heckled at the time. My advice to Coun. Matheson would be that old saying if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Coun. Shirley Pineo stated that she thought the public had misunderstood what the municipality wanted in regard to receipts before paying the Windsor Fire Service. If it took council many, many months to clue in to that fact, I believe the people of West Hants are in serious trouble when it comes to our municipal council. They must ask themselves this at voting time: Are these the kind of people I want representing me in municipal matters?


Barb Gould,




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