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LETTER: Profit from marijuana sales should be directed to health care

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Please find below a letter I have sent to the Liberal government of Nova Scotia. I await their reply.

To the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia and Canada:

Quite a lot has happened for me to get to the point of tugging your chain.

Who cannot notice the legalization of marijuana in the headlines these days? To me it stands out more with the current cut backs to detox programs and mental health services in our province.

At a time where a major business (NSLC) is getting in on the sale of marijuana, we could expect they would do so with the word profit being the key point of that endeavour.

Have we yet to see how the government is to spend those profits? Or are we just not supposed to hold you accountable to anything anymore? As the prime minister has become an expert at shrugging off transparency. 

In a time when you legalize a mind-altering substance and allow a corporation that spent over $15 million in advertising last year, in your own opinion, does that not seem like a step in the right direction? I’m actually offended that the liquor corporation thinks it needs to advertise, like drinkers don’t know where they are and what they have.

I’ve come to accept that since I’m a male conservative taxpayer, my opinion don’t seem to matter much in the eyes of our current government, back to my point. If you where to look at what other cities in other countries have done, you may find they have spent a majority of the profits from dope sales on health care, mental health, police, education and the like. I have yet to see any plan for profits other than all the wolves licking their chops. So, I would certainly like an explanation in that regard. I would be disappointed if I had to walk my little girl down the streets that smell like dope (they already do for the most part) and have nothing to show for it except big corporations posting huge profits while our current state of affairs continues to make you look bad Mr. McNeil. Big corporations are pillaging Nova Scotians. How many millions does one truly need? I have a hard time understanding why someone would take on the responsibility of running a province and allow that to happen (not mentioning any names, Nova Scotia Power).

You cannot have proper or sustainable growth when you cannot properly take care of the people you already have. 

Jonathan Swinamer


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