Russia-Ukraine war news: 3 injured in Odessa attack; Russia fires on Black Sea cargo ship

A Russian warship’s firing from a Ukraine-bound cargo ship in the Black Sea on Sunday drew condemnation from Ukrainian authorities.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said the Russian patrol vessel Vasily Bykov fired “warning” shots at the Palau-flagged bulk carrier using automatic weapons. It was the first such incident since Russia withdrew from the UN-brokered grain deal last month.

Ukrainian forces reported Overnight drone and missile attacks in Odesa region. According to the security forces of southern Ukraine, three people were injured by debris from the downed rockets.

Here’s the latest on war and its ripple effects around the world.

Wagner’s Prisoner of War: A Ukrainian Soldier’s 46-Day Dream. Mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group captured Ilya Mikhalchuk outside the eastern Ukrainian city of Baghmuth. They cut off his hands in a dark basement and subjected him to mind-bending psychological abuse as part of his captors’ brutality and attempts to break the will of Ukrainian soldiers they took off the battlefield, Alex Horton reports.

Mikhalchuk said Wagner’s strategy was designed to undermine Ukrainians’ values ​​and make them question how their countrymen would view them after they were released from prison. “They tried to convince us that we couldn’t trust each other and that it was a kill-or-be-killed situation,” he said. “They were playing with us, the way a cat plays with a mouse—when he catches it before he kills it.”

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